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Electric Vehicle News & Greentech

February 18, 2013 in Electric Vehicles, EV News, Greentech

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Electric vehicle news and greentech news updated frequently (latest 5 stars highlighted).

EV News Report covers the top electric car, electric bus and electric train stories. Electric vehicles are the crux of the sustainable matter. In a world of 7 billion plus people, transportation is the toughest transition. Battery production is the key.

Approximately 89 million new autos will be delivered globally in 2015 with the vast majority being powered by petroleum. To put that statistic into perspective, Tesla Motors plans to be delivering 100,000 electric cars on an annualized basis in late 2015.

The world demands a clean environment. In congested cities, modern electric subways, streetcars, light rail and train services are the most logical transportation choices. Urbanites want safe walking and biking routes. Clean air zones are good for business. Clean technologies make jobs. A good mayor is the key.

Simple metric to judge US Congress

Gasoline demand averaged 8.9 mb/day over the last four weeks (EIA, week ending 1-23-15), up 8.0% yoy. Congress failed to raise the gas tax!

California Cutting Petroleum Use in Half by 2030

Secondarily, EV News Report covers leaders in greentech, focusing on solar, wind, battery storage and HVDC. In the drive to 100% renewable, states and localities are finding an increasing number of greentech opportunities to power their economies. Prices keep falling. Demand keeps rising. The world economy booms.

Electric vehicles and solar have the most potential to surprise. However, the world is full of surprises.

Bond Bubble

Bond bubble will likely burst in 2015. President of St. Louis Federal Reserve James Bullard stated on Bloomberg (1-30-15) that he sees unemployment under 5% in Q3. Given the multiple potential problems with the international oil market, it is not difficult to imagine panic in the bond market.

Peak Oil

Post Carbon Institute expects US oil production to start declining again around 2016-2017. Production may decline sooner if oil prices stay in the 40s. The US Dollar’s reserve status will only blunt US inflation in the peak oil era. The bond bubble will burst. Gold and silver will rise.

China will float the Yuan to gain reserve currency status. However, weak oil dependent nations will suffer during peak oil. Eventually, humanity riding electric vehicles powered by greentech will kick its addiction to oil. A rising Yuan will float the currencies of the East. The Euro region will integrate its financial system. The world will be more stable under three major reserve currencies.

Latest Electric Vehicle News and Greentech News Below

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High-Speed Rail Authority Issues Rail Delivery Partner Request for Qualifications

January 30, 2015 in Electric Vehicles, EV News, Trains

Image courtesy of California High-Speed Rail Authority High-Speed Rail Authority Issues Rail Delivery Partner Request for Qualifications

Image courtesy of California High-Speed Rail Authority
High-Speed Rail Authority Issues Rail Delivery Partner Request for Qualifications

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – As California’s high-speed rail program transitions from preliminary design and planning to delivery, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) today issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) regarding their upcoming Rail Delivery Partner (RDP) procurement.

“This is the latest major milestone for us in our work to bring the nation’s first high-speed rail system to California,” said Authority Chief Program Manager Frank Vacca. “The services we are seeking will accelerate construction to concurrent project sections and help deliver high-speed rail to Californians sooner than we previously thought possible.”

Firms will have until March 23, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. (PST) to submit their statement of qualifications. The Authority will review these applications and establish a shortlist for interviews of the most highly qualified firms to provide the Authority’s RDP services. Firms will be selected based on several criteria including past performance, key personnel and organizational structure, delivery approach, understanding of the project, and innovative ideas to deliver high-speed rail to California cost-effectively and more quickly.

The services sought by the Authority through this RFQ would have the winning firm overseeing program management, support for strategic advice, business planning, continued development and management assistance. Additional areas expand the focus to include program delivery, systems and project integration, and specialized technical expertise for the next steps in the project. RDP services enhance accountability for program delivery and project execution while also focusing on future high-speed rail related needs with expanded contract capabilities. The Authority will continue to maintain oversight and primary responsibility for strategic planning including setting Program policies and direction, project planning and determining key delivery strategies and phasing.

Authority staff received approval from the Authority Board of Directors (Board) at the November 18, 2014 meeting to seek qualified teams to provide program management, integration, and program delivery services. The Authority anticipates making a Recommendation of Award to the Board in June and beginning the transition from the current Project Management Team consultant services to the RDP shortly thereafter.

The RDP contract would be for services through 2022, which allows the firm to correspond with the beginning of highspeed rail operations.

The Authority is committed to small businesses playing a role in delivering the high-speed rail program. The RDP contract will include the Authority’s adopted 30 percent goal for small business participation in the work.

This article is an EV News Report repost, credit: California High-Speed Rail Authority.

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Sydney Plan for a Pedestrian and Business Friendly George St

January 30, 2015 in Electric Vehicles, Environment, EV News, Light Rail, Walkable City

Image courtesy of City of Sydney Plan for a pedestrian and business friendly George St

Image courtesy of City of Sydney
Plan for a pedestrian and business friendly George St

A new study by the City of Sydney shows how the transformation of George Street into a light rail and pedestrian boulevard can maximise public use and enjoyment, while also delivering a strong business and retail environment.

George Street 2020: A Public Domain Activation Strategy considers outdoor dining, vending, creative and cultural activities and simply improving the comfort of pedestrians, to encourage people to walk, stroll or dwell and enjoy George Street. This is critical to support the street’s long term economic success.

“When the light rail project is complete in five years, George Street will feature a one-kilometre pedestrianised area between Bathurst and Hunter streets,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

“This transformation is a unique opportunity to ensure that George Street becomes a world class boulevard that is also a thriving business and retail environment”.

The strategy looks at ways that temporary and permanent seating and lighting in the public areas, as well as building edges, awnings and signage, can contribute to the success of George Street.

The City’s vision for George Street is guided by a number of principles, including maximising pedestrian space, minimising streetscape clutter, ensuring a vibrant retail environment and creating a 24-hour street of diverse offerings beyond traditional business hours.

Light rail will run down the middle of George Street, with a tree zone on either side, followed by a variable ‘flex-zone’ for street furniture (seats, bins, bubblers and bollards), and a 3.6-metre pedestrian area along  buildings’ edges.

There’s also potential for moveable outdoor furniture to be used during the day to encourage greater use of public spaces.

George Street 2020: A Public Domain Activation Strategy is on public exhibition until 13 March, with the City seeking ideas and feedback from retailers, property owners, residents and members of the community with an interest in the future of George Street. To view the strategy, visit

This article (1-29-15) is an EV News Report repost, credit: City of Sydney.

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PG&E Plans to Offer Customers a Community Solar Choice in 2015

January 30, 2015 in Environment, EV News, Greentech, San Francisco, Solar, Sustainable San Francisco

Image courtesy of PG&E PG&E Plans to Offer Customers a Community Solar Choice in 2015

Image courtesy of PG&E
PG&E Plans to Offer Customers a Community Solar Choice in 2015

SAN FRANCISCO – Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today received permission from state regulators to offer electric customers a new clean energy program that will provide up to 100 percent solar power for a modest cost premium each month.

PG&E expects to start enrolling customers in the fourth quarter of this year.

“Our green option is all about giving customers the power to choose and about bringing the benefits of solar to our communities. Our customers already enjoy some of the cleanest power in the United States, but we want to help them do even more to support clean energy and the green economy. Our green option will let them buy into a pool of clean solar energy, locally produced in our service area, to meet all of their electricity needs,” said Chris Johns, president of PG&E.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that only a quarter of residential rooftop area is suitable for solar due to structural, shading, or ownership issues. “Clearly, community options are needed to expand access to solar power for renters, those with shaded roofs, and those who choose not to install a residential system on their home for financial or other reasons,” concluded an NREL report.

PG&E will buy energy for the program from newly developed small and mid-sized solar projects located within its service area. Participating residential and commercial customers can choose to cover either 50 or 100 percent of their energy use. They will pay the incremental cost of the new solar energy they consume, as well as related program costs. The initial estimated premium of two-to-three cents per kilowatt-hour likely will fall over time as solar costs decline relative to the cost of PG&E’s standard power, which is more than 25 percent renewable today.

Under a separate program option, customers will be able to contract directly with a third-party developer for a share of the output of a local solar project.

Elected leaders from cities around PG&E’s service territory have supported PG&E’s efforts to give local residents options for greener energy. So have leaders of several environmental organizations.

“This program offers a great opportunity for PG&E customers who want to reduce carbon pollution and buy 100 percent clean energy,” said Peter Miller, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council. “PG&E’s green option is a big win for Californians and the environment.”

About PG&E

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation (NYSE:PCG), is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. Based in San Francisco, with more than 20,000 employees, the company delivers some of the nation’s cleanest energy to nearly 16 million people in Northern and Central California. For more information, visit and

This article (1-29-15) is an EV News Report repost, credit: PG&E.

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A new Alstom metro for the Paris network

January 30, 2015 in Electric Vehicles, EV News, Subway

Paris Metro MI09 3 Photo courtesy of Alstom A new Alstom metro for the Paris network

Paris Metro
Photo courtesy of Alstom
A new Alstom metro for the Paris network

Alstom has been designated by RATP[1], mandated by STIF[2] and SGP[3], as the contractor to supply metros trains for lines 1, 4, 6, 11 and 14 of the Paris metro and the Grand Paris.

The contract is for a maximum of 217 MP14 trains over a period of 15 years and is worth a total amount of more than €2 billion. A first firm order, for an amount of around €500 million[4], concerns 35 eight-car metros for line 14. This should be followed by a second order for up to 37 trains for extensions to this line and then conditional options.

MP14, the latest-generation rubber-tyred metro designed to improve passenger experience, combines performance, low energy consumption and ease of maintenance to optimise the costs throughout its lifecycle. It offers an unprecedented level of comfort and security thanks to new ergonomic seating, LED lighting, fluid exchanges, on-board information, video-protection, and specific facilities such as inductive loops for the hard of hearing.

Its 100% electric braking system recovers energy and reinjects it into the network in the form of electricity, thus avoiding the emission of fine particles from brake pads. This system reduces air pollution as well as the metro’s energy consumption by up to 20%. MP14 will thus become the new reference for sustainable mobility.

« This contract award is fresh proof of the confidence placed in Alstom. It has mobilised the entire French rail industry around a product that is innovative, efficient and competitive. Passengers will appreciate its comfort and reliability », says Henri Poupart-Lafarge, Alstom Transport President.

The majority of Alstom Transport’s 12 sites in France will contribute to this project: Valenciennes for the research and integration, le Creusot for the bogies, Ornans for the motors, Villeurbanne for the onboard electronics, Aix-en-Provence for the security system, Tarbes for the traction, Reichshoffen for collision avoidance research and Saint-Ouen for the design. Thanks to this project, more than 2,000 jobs will be sustained for Alstom and its suppliers in France.

About Alstom Transport

A promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom Transport develops and markets the most complete range of systems, equipment and services in the railway sector. Alstom Transport manages entire transport systems, including trains, signalling, maintenance and modernisation, infrastructure and offers integrated solutions. Alstom Transport recorded sales of €5.9 billion in the fiscal year 2013/14. Alstom Transport is present in over 60 countries and employs around 28,300 people.

Present on 12 sites in France, Alstom Transport is the leading French railway company and contributes to the vitality of local economies. Its approximately 8,900 employees in France provide a pool of expertise to serve French and international clients. A job at Alstom creates about three amongst its suppliers.

  1. RATP: Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens
  2. STIF: Syndicat des Transports d’Île-de-France
  3. SGP: Société du Grand Paris
  4. To be booked in Q4 of the current fiscal year

This article is an EV News Report repost, credit: Alstom.

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SolarCity and MillerCoors Announce Largest Solar Project at Any U.S. Brewery

January 30, 2015 in Environment, EV News, Greentech, Solar

3.2 megawatt solar system expected to produce enough energy to brew more than 7 million cases of beer annually

Photo courtesy of SolarCity SolarCity and MillerCoors Announce Largest Solar Project at Any U.S. Brewery

Photo courtesy of SolarCity
SolarCity and MillerCoors Announce Largest Solar Project at Any U.S. Brewery

SolarCity – The nation’s #1 solar power provider, and MillerCoors today announced the completion of the largest solar installation at any brewery in the U.S.

The 3.2 megawatt array consists of more than 10,000 solar panels installed across ten acres of the famed brewery’s grounds in Irwindale, northeast of downtown Los Angeles. The solar system is expected to produce enough energy to brew more than 7 million cases of beer annually.

The new project allows MillerCoors to significantly increase the brewery’s energy independence and will offer impactful environmental benefits to the San Gabriel Valley region and the residents of Los Angeles County. The system will prevent more than 144 million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere over its lifetime – the equivalent of taking over 12,000 cars off the road or planting more than 6.2 million trees. As the state of California continues to struggle with severe drought, the system will also save nearly 672 million gallons of water that would otherwise be consumed to produce electricity from fossil fuel or nuclear sources.*

“I applaud MillerCoors for their investment in the largest solar installation at a brewery in the U.S. Together with SolarCity, they help support local jobs and reduce our carbon footprint,” said Assemblymember Roger Hernandez (D-West Covina). “MillerCoors demonstrates a commitment to the San Gabriel Valley and helps our state save water.”

Said State Senator Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina): “This project will help MillerCoors control its energy costs and support clean energy jobs, and demonstrates that MillerCoors is doing its part to reduce carbon emissions and help the state meet its clean energy goals.”

SolarCity, which operates in 15 states, opened one of its first operations centers in Southern California in 2007 and today has more than ten locations across the region. The company offers customers the opportunity to pay less for solar electricity than they pay for utility power and currently serves tens of thousands of homeowners and businesses across the U.S.

To learn more about how interested businesses and homeowners can go solar simply and affordably, visit SolarCity online at or call 1-888-SOL-CITY (1-888-765-2489) for a free, no-obligation solar consultation.

About MillerCoors
Through its diverse collection of storied breweries, MillerCoors brings American beer drinkers an unmatched selection of the highest quality beers steeped in centuries of brewing heritage. Miller Brewing Company and Coors Brewing Company offer domestic favorites such as Coors Light, Miller Lite, Miller High Life and Coors Banquet, as well as innovative new products such as Miller Fortune. Tenth and Blake Beer Company, our craft and import division, offers beers such as Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy from sixth-generation Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company and Blue Moon Belgian White from modern craft pioneer Blue Moon Brewing Company. Tenth and Blake also operates Crispin Cidery, an artisanal maker of pear and apple ciders using 100 percent fresh-pressed American juice. The company imports world-renowned beers such as Italy’s Peroni, the Czech Republic’s Pilsner Urquell and the Netherlands’ Grolsch. MillerCoors also offers pioneering new brands such as Redd’s Apple Ale, Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Lager, Third Shift Amber Ale and Smith & Forge Hard Cider. MillerCoors seeks to become America’s best beer company through an uncompromising promise of quality, a keen focus on innovation and a deep commitment to sustainability. MillerCoors is a joint venture of SABMiller plc and Molson Coors Brewing Company. Learn more at, at or on Twitter through @MillerCoors.

About SolarCity
SolarCity® (NASDAQ: SCTY) provides clean energy. The company has disrupted the century-old energy industry by providing renewable electricity directly to homeowners, businesses and government organizations for less than they spend on utility bills. SolarCity gives customers control of their energy costs to protect them from rising rates. The company makes solar energy easy by taking care of everything from design and permitting to monitoring and maintenance. SolarCity currently serves 15 states and signs up approximately one new customer every minute of the work day. Visit the company online at and follow the company on Facebook & Twitter.

*Environmental calculations are based on data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, with a system lifetime estimate of 30 years.

This article is an EV News Report repost, credit: SolarCity.