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SF lacks policy to zero emissions. Delivery truck leaves emissions trail, Sunset District. Health/climate problems.

SF Lakeshore Plaza cars! No EV charging. Not bike/walk friendly. Lousy transit. Crosspoint Realty Services property.

Oklahoma Governor Fallin declares emergency due to storm (flooding). State also hit by another sizable quake (M4.7).

SF Market St. would thrive w/ wide protected bike lanes and no cars. Mayor Lee is bad for business. SFMTA is tragic.

Climate change due to bad policy. SF dominated by cars. City only 47 sq. miles. Ideal walk/bike? Streets not safe!

Skateboarders enjoy SoMa West Skatepark. Ambulance been there. However, skateboarding is type of last mile solution.

San Francisco $9 billion budget. Automated subway transit could be reality. Mayor Lee is choking SF with congestion.

SFMTA employs numerous people that stand around doing little to nothing. Director Reiskin to take responsibility?

SF inundated w/ public vehicles spewing emissions. Photo: SF van rolls stop GGP. Van causes health/climate problems.

Truck emissions @ San Francisco Winter Walk (Union Square). It’s bad. These emissions cause health/climate problems.

As world leaders head to Paris (COP21), a San Francisco cop scratches his head at a gas station (photo 11-28-15).

SpaceX Hyperloop mile test track moving forward with pod competition scheduled summer 2016 (SpaceX). Hawthorne mile!

SF Central Subway will surface into traffic like other lines making it unreliable. Photo: N empty minute separation?

VTA spokesperson could only guess at Google 2016 transit study/plans. skyTran could be a possibility. skyTran image.

Google venture into transportation planning with VTA could spark Bay Area public-private transportation projects.

Antarctica emperor penguins experience identified aircraft, Boeing 757, on Thanksgiving. There goes the continent?

Loftleidir Icelandic flew first passenger airliner (Boeing 757-200) to Antarctica on 11-26-15 (Reykjavik Grapevine).

L Taraval streetcar plods (photo). Instead of propaganda SFMTA should post this Yelp review:

SFPD litters combustion cars in front of Taraval Station, Sunset District. These cars cause health/climate problems.

San Francisco gets thumbs up for drought tolerant landscaping from Sunset resident at Taraval and Great Highway.

Simple metric to judge US Congress

Gasoline demand averaged over 9.1 mb/day over the last four weeks (EIA, week ending 11-20-15), down .2% yoy. Congress graded D (pass). EV News Report grades Congress on its ability to serve the long-term interests of the United States.

Sustainable Race Mile 2016, San Francisco

Sustainable Race Mile is an annual mile race/sustainability event at Kezar Stadium. Race registration for September 2016 is open. $29 per person for age 16 and up. $10 for kids under age 16 when parents enter the discount code: UNDER16PAY10. All participants receive a Sustainable Race Mile t-shirt.

Register for Sustainable Race Mile and help guide Mayor Ed Lee by ranking (1-10, 1 highest) the importance of the sustainability goals listed on the race bib.

Sustainable Race News

Sustainable Race News

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