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Tesla is Charging Down I-95. What’s on the Horizon?

September 20, 2013 in Electric Vehicles, EV charging, EV News, Supercharger, Tesla

Supercharger Station, Port Orange, FL Photo courtesy of Tesla

Supercharger Station, Port Orange, FL (now open)
Photo courtesy of Tesla

The extraordinary TSLA closed at $183.39, up 3.07% on the day, a record close.  The stock also set a record high today at $185.83.  TLSA simply refuses to be range bound.  This latest run should be seen as a good sign for investors, considering that the quarter is coming to a close.  Yes, some of this run in the stock is probably institutional window dressing, but it is an overall sign of business strength nonetheless.

Supercharger, Model S to Gen III

The Model S will not be range bound either.  Tesla tweeted on 9-18-13: “Port Orange, FL is energized!  We’re a #Supercharger closer to enabling free travel on the I-95 from Miami to Boston.”  By the time the Generation III Tesla car hits the market, the Supercharger network will be established from coast to coast.  The Supercharger has a pot of gold on the horizon.  Mass EV adoption will turn back the oil supertankers and provide significant fuel savings for consumers.

Autonomous Driving

Tesla has officially entered the autonomous driving fray.  Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted (9-18-13): “Engineers interested in working on autonomous driving, pls email  Team will report directly to me.”  Nissan and Daimler appear to be the current leaders in this arena among the majors; however, neither plans to produce a self-driving vehicle commercially for many years.

In the recent past, Mr. Musk did not sound terribly interested in this field, so something prompted this change of heart.

Battery Energy Storage

A tremendous new (relatively new) growth field is battery storage systems for utility scale, commercial buildings and residential.  Tesla has a small division in this space, which has tremendous potential.  Large battery storage is the key piece of the clean energy jigsaw puzzle to optimize the electric grid.

Urban Nighttime Charging, Apartments / Condos

In San Francisco, there are several very ugly municipal parking garages which could be utilized for rooftop solar, battery storage and EV charging (including wireless).  Hopefully, large EV parking facilities will materialize for inner-city apartment dwellers in San Francisco and across the nation.  Mr. Musk did state at the Tesla shareholder meeting that he recognizes this need.

Undoubtedly, EV sales would be significantly higher if there were quality nighttime charging facilities in major urban metros.  While it is important to focus on workplace charging, it is far more important to focus on large scale urban charging facilities.  Most cities have failed miserably in this category.  EV drivers mostly charge at home at night for obvious reasons.  To date, the vast majority of US cities are woefully unprepared for the EV revolution.

In the near-future, EV News Report will expand on these ideas and examine battery powered streetcars.

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