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Sustainable Race, First Annual San Francisco 11K Run

April 2, 2014 in EV News, San Francisco, Sustainable San Francisco

  • Runners, joggers and walkers are welcome at Sustainable Race
  • Corporate, government or other group entity running teams, four runners per team (best average time wins, same sex or mixed)
  • Free raffle entry for first 1,000 names registered, including team members

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailSustainable Race is a running race to foster local sustainability awareness, focusing on San Francisco’s drive to 100% renewable energy. The 11K Race (6.8351 miles) starts in front of the Beach Hut Café on the San Francisco Bay Trail on August 2nd at 7AM.

Register for Sustainable Race

We’re going the extra K for a sustainable San Francisco.

The course stretches along the San Francisco Bay waterfront, capturing the best of the Bay, with Fort Point and Aquatic Park at the perimeters. The views inspire: the serene Crissy Field and Aquatic Park with the majestic Golden Gate Bridge and City skyline.

Rehydrate, relax and have a coffee after the race. We’ll have awards for our top speedy runners, a raffle and socialize around Jack’s San Francisco Renewable Chart. More details coming soon.

Race bibs will be at the Presidio Sports Basement on July 31st and August 1st.

Currently, the City stands at about 46% renewable, according to Danielle Murray of the San Francisco Department of the Environment. 

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  3. My name is Phillip and I work for the company who handles the Advertising for SF MUNI, BART and AC Transit. If I can get a reply from the person who books all Advertising Campaigns, I would like to share some information on our Media to promote your race in August. I can be reached by phone as well at (415) 268-9484. Thank you.

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