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Formula E Motor Shows roll out new TV programmes at races

October 1, 2014 in Electric Vehicles, EV enthusiast, EV News, FIA Formula E

Photo courtesy of Formula E

Photo courtesy of Formula E

Formula E Motor Shows today announced the creation of a brand new series of consumer-orientated TV shows to showcase global motor manufacturers hybrid and electric vehicles.

This presenter-led series entitled ‘The Formula E Motor Show – LIVE’ will be the ‘go-to’ series for new model reviews, informed opinion on hybrid engine technology, electric battery and re-charging advancement and information on sustainable mobility for city drivers worldwide.

Starting in March 2015, this five part series will span the FIA Formula E Championship races from Miami in March to London in June, taking in Long Beach, Monaco and Berlin during April and May next year.

Each of the five shows will be filmed on site at the race venue, demonstrating cutting edge design and technology from leading electric and hybrid manufacturers.

The series will take advantage of the spectacle and colour around the Formula E races, engaging driver, team and celebrity opinion, as well as providing an opportunity to road test the best performing, coolest EV and hybrid cars now available to the consumer.

Chris James, Commercial Director of the Formula E Motor Shows, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Aurora Media Worldwide to produce The Formula E Motor Show – Live series. These new and exciting TV shows will provide viewers with fascinating insights into the latest electric and hybrid cars on the market today and a preview of what they can expect to see and experience over the four open days of the Formula E Motor Shows.”

A bespoke, digital suite of content will also be produced for the FIA Formula E You Tube Channel, and will be rights free for use on other platforms. The show will be produced by Aurora Media Worldwide, in partnership with Formula E Motor Shows. It will be made available for distribution internationally from March 2015.

This article is an EV News Report repost, credit: Formula E.

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