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Cool Eco-designs Underway for Sound Transit Light Rail (Sea-Tac Airport)

October 1, 2014 in Electric Vehicles, EV News, Greentech, Light Rail, Solar

Image courtesy of Sound Transit

Image courtesy of Sound Transit and VIA Architects

This week (9-25-14), Sound Transit celebrates two major milestones on the South 200th Link Extension project – construction began on the Angle Lake Station and the 1,050-space parking garage. Station and garage designs incorporate environmental, public art and transit-oriented development (TOD) features. The 1.6-mile light rail extension between Sea-Tac Airport and Angle Lake Station is scheduled to open in fall 2016 and provide 5,400 rides a day by 2018.

Station and garage design details:  

  1. A 50-kilowatt solar power system, ten times more than a typical residential installation, will be installed on the pedestrian walkway on the garage.
  2. The station is on track to being the first LEED-certified transit station in the state.
  3. Harvested rainwater will provide 100 percent of station area irrigation.
  4. 60 solar panels on the station platform canopy will provide 14 kilowatts of power.
  5. The garage will be clad in a sinuous blue anodized aluminum façade.
  6. All public spaces will utilize LED lighting to reduce energy use.
  7. The second “sleep/crawl mode” escalators in the state will power down to a slow crawl to save energy when not in use.
  8. Existing mature trees are being preserved to enhance landscaping while preserving land for future TOD.
  9. At least 75% of construction waste is being recycled.
  10. Recycled content materials, including concrete and steel, are being used extensively in construction.
  11. Seventeen horizontal concrete girders mounted between the station columns and guideways will support the elevated station platform and canopy.
  12. The seven-story parking garage will have entrances from the three streets bordering the garage; each will connect to a different parking level.
  13. A 35,000-square-foot site west of the parking garage can be used for future TOD.
  14. The plaza will feature more than 2,000 square feet of retail space.
  15. The station theme, “Environment in Motion,” is embodied in both pieces of public art, the parking garage screening treatment and landscape elements.
  16. Artist Laura Haddad’s “Cloud” landmark straddling South 200th Street will rise 25 feet above the station platform. More than 6,000 five-inch eco-resin discs will be hung on steel cables to form an organic, three-dimensional cumulus cloud shape. Trains pulling into the station will trigger lights on the sculpture to change from sunset hues to “train blue” at night.
  17. On the plaza connecting the station to the parking garage, artist Jill Anholt is creating a piece called “Immerse” embedded in the grand staircase leading to the parking garage below. Four delicate arcs will cascade across the stairwell opening at the plaza level.

This article (9-25-14) is an EV News Report repost, credit: Sound Transit.

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