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EV News Report is a community blogging website for electric vehicle and greentech enthusiasts, as well as peak oil activists.

EV enthusiasts, environmentalists and peak oil activists are encouraged to submit news, information, events and opinions on the site. We are a community, sharing information to best facilitate the change from the fossil fuel age to a green sustainable energy future. Worldwide electric vehicle adoption accelerates the demand for a greener cleaner safer world.

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Global Sustainable Race

The world is transitioning from the fossil fuel age to the clean renewable energy era. Two major world emergencies are driving this change:

1. There are over 7 billion people on the planet according to the United Nations. Today’s worldwide economic growth is placing tremendous demands on the energy sector. Unfortunately, according to the International Energy Agency, approximately 80% of the world’s energy is derived from fossil fuels. Absent an energy revolution, climate research tells us that the planet will be significantly warmer and altered for future generations.

2. The oil market is expensive and fragile. The door is open to green alternatives; however, high oil prices may destroy the currencies of oil dependent nations before the EV and greentech revolutions have a chance to reach mass adoption.

EV News Report CEO Jack Collins

Jack Collins is the founder and CEO of EV News Report. Mr. Collins is a world traveler and writer with a financial investment background from two major global investment firms. He is dedicated to the advancement of the electric vehicle industry and welcomes all insights from this community. You can find Mr. Collins most days running in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, or you can contact him by email at [email protected].

JackJack Collins Quotes:

“The world has been locked into a doomed relationship with the oil market, being led by the dubious Saudi America, setting up the world economy for a hard fall. Saudi America is a fantasy state that ignores oil depletion, and it is crowding out normal economic development, wasting monies and time on energy projects that are archaic.”

“World leaders certainly know that Tesla electric cars and Supercharger stations offer a brighter future than the dirty, dangerous and expensive international oil market. Yes, it may take some time before we see OPEC leaders cruising in a Model S on a Supercharger route in the Middle East, but we are on our way to a better tomorrow. Electric cars, clean energy powered homes / buildings and Supercharger stations may not bring human conflict to an end, but greater sustainability will surely bring greater world stability.”

“When it is appropriate, Tesla does need to discuss its upcoming battery plant plans, so the market is not left guessing. Financial markets hate uncertainty, despite past credibility. There is uncertainty in transitioning to a major mass market production company, and the competition has seized on this as the Tesla uncertainty du jour. However, if Tesla is successful, the major auto players will be facing more than just uncertainty, possibly extermination. All in all, Tesla is building a better mousetrap, and the competition knows it.”

“Recent Energy Information Administration data shows that US oil consumption is back to about 20 million barrels a day.  Like a hamster on a wheel racing against the sands of time, the oil industry’s expensive investment in shale oil is leading the country down the wrong road.  Nothing is going to stop the inevitable decline of oil.  There’s a better way, The Green Revolution!”