Sustainable Nations, 100% Renewable

The most sustainable nations are those that have effectively reached 100% renewable:
  1. Paraguay
  2. Norway
  3. Iceland

EV News Report ranked the top sustainable nations. Three variables were used in the ranking: the renewable stability, quantity of renewable power and the ability to trade renewable power. Given the variable nature of most renewables, there is no way to account for all possible changes.

Most Sustainable Nations EV News Report

Most Sustainable Nations
EV News Report


Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam, the world’s largest renewable, produced 98,630,035 megawatts/hour (MWh) in 2013. The project is a joint venture between Paraguay and Brazil. However, Paraguay exports most of its share of electricity to Brazil. The total electricity generated in 2013 could power Paraguay for 8 years roughly.


The first European hydroelectric facility was built in Norway in 1882 “at Senja in Troms County by the Senja Nikkelverk company (nickel works),” according to Norway Energy Ministry. Today, the Norwegian government owns about 90% of the hydroelectric power in the country.

Most Sustainable Nations Update


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