Sustainable Race Top Ten

EV News Report, Top Ten Sustainable Race Companies 2014 (Click Pic)

Sustainable Race Top Ten 2014

EV News Report picks ten companies each year that have marvelous potential to hasten global sustainability.

  1. Tesla Motors
  2. ABB
  3. BYD
  4. Terra Motors
  5. Nissan
  6. Bombardier
  7. Siemens
  8. Alstom
  9. Sakti3
  10. Ubiquitous Energy

Global Sustainable Race

The world is transitioning from the fossil fuel age to the clean renewable energy era. Two major world emergencies are driving this change:

1. There are over 7 billion people on the planet according to the United Nations. Today’s worldwide economic growth is placing tremendous demands on the energy sector. Unfortunately, according to the International Energy Agency, approximately 80% of the world’s energy is derived from fossil fuels. Absent an energy revolution, climate research tells us that the planet will be significantly warmer and altered for future generations.

2. The oil market is expensive and fragile. The door is open to green alternatives; however, high oil prices may destroy the currencies of oil dependent nations before the EV and greentech revolutions have a chance to reach mass adoption.

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