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Daryl Oster

July 25, 2013 in EV Star of the Week

Daryl Oster Courtesy of ET3

Daryl Oster
Courtesy of ET3

Daryl Oster is the star of the week.  Mr. Oster is the founder and CEO of ET3, Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies, and he is currently seeking a three mile test site for his space-age transport system.  ET3’s maglev (magnetic levitation) airless transport system has the potential to revolutionize transportation, by sending people and goods at incredible speeds!  If the world wants to move beyond oil, Mr. Oster has a solution.

Watch this great video, Daryl Oster at ideaCity:

Germany, China and Japan have been the leading players in maglev train technology.  Japan recently tested a maglev train clocking speeds of 310 mph.  The new space race (on Earth) is maglev transport in tubes to eliminate air resistance.  Mr. Oster believes that he can raise the capital for a test location, but he does not have a location set.

The ET3 website explains the system as thus: “Car sized passenger capsules travel in 1.5m (5′) diameter tubes on frictionless maglev.  Air is permanently removed from the two-way tubes that are built along a travel route.  Airlocks at stations allow transfer of capsules without admitting air.  Linear electric motors accelerate the capsules, which then coast through the vacuum for the remainder of the trip using no additional power.  Most of the energy is regenerated as the capsules slow down.  ET3 can provide 50 times more transportation per kWh than electric cars or trains.”

The ET3 website is here:

Hyperloop Elon Musk California Governor Brown And ET3 Daryl Oster

July 23, 2013 in Environment, ET3, EV News, Hyperloop, Tesla

Image courtesy of Federal Railroad Administration

Image courtesy of Federal Railroad Administration

Tesla CEO Elon Musk does not like the California high-speed rail plan, and he is not alone.  Mr. Musk sees the rail plan between San Francisco and Los Angeles as expensive and outmoded.  In short, there have been a variety of expensive estimates for the project, some as high as 100 billion, and the train technology that is planned is slow by modern standards, max speed of 220 mph.

In Japan, a maglev train was tested recently at speeds of 310 mph.  Maglev is short for magnetic levitation (portmanteau).  Yes, maglev trains levitate which eliminates rail friction, enhancing the speed and comfort of the ride.  This technology holds tremendous promise.  (With maglev trains, you still experience air resistance, which has many thinking that there is one more step yet to go, airless maglev transport tubes.)

California Governor Brown may be in the hot seat in the coming days and months if he continues down the high-speed rail track, because Americans have a proud moon-shot history.  Governor Brown is a good man.  He is not a static politician.  It is certainly within his personality to recognize a project with moon-shot potential.

Mr. Musk plans to reveal an earthly design for this new transport science.  Mr. Musk tweeted July 15: “Will publish Hyperloop alpha design by Aug 12.  Critical feedback for improvements would be much appreciated.”

Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3) CEO Daryl Oster has been researching airless maglev tube transport for many years now.  In a phone interview yesterday, he said that he thought he could organize investors for a test project, but he was not set on a location.  Mr. Oster sees this transport technology as world changing, a leap forward for humankind.  Read this report on ET3 (courtesy of Daryl Oster):

Watch this great video, Daryl Oster at ideaCity:

Video courtesy of Zoomer Media:

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