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Siemens wins an additional locomotive contract in the USA

March 18, 2014 in Electric Vehicles, EV News, Trains

Image courtesy of Siemens

Image courtesy of Siemens

  • Five U.S. states order 32 locomotives worth €165 million ($225 million)
  • Option for an additional 225 locomotives
  • Manufacturing at the Siemens plant in Sacramento, California

The Departments of Transportation for the U.S. states of Illinois, California, Michigan, Missouri and Washington have awarded Siemens a contract for the delivery of 32 diesel-electric passenger locomotives. The contract is valued at approximately €165 million ($225 million). It includes a purchase option for another 225 locomotives which will be used for regional and mainline trains traveling at speeds of up to 200 km/h (125 mph). The 32 locomotives ordered are scheduled to be delivered between fall of 2016 and mid-2017. “For Siemens this order marks our entry into the U.S. diesel-electric locomotive market and strongly underscores our long-term vision for the U.S. passenger rail market,” Jochen Eickholt, CEO of the Siemens Rail Systems Division, emphasized. The diesel-electric locomotives will be manufactured at the Siemens plant in Sacramento, California.

On December, 2013, the Illinois Department of Transportation, which is coordinating the order on behalf of California, Michigan, Missouri and Washington, announced its intention to move forward on the order with Siemens. The official Notice to Proceed has now been formally granted.

The Charger locomotives will be used exclusively in passenger service. The primary traction drive, a 4,400 hp-rated diesel engine with 16 cylinders and a cubic capacity of 95 liters, will be manufactured in the U.S. by Cummins Inc., headquartered in Columbus, Indiana. These modern locomotives are powerful and efficient and will deliver a cleaner ride, with better air quality and reduced emission rates ensuring compliance with the Federal Railroad’s EPA Tier IV regulation required to be in place in 2015.

As one of the fastest, most efficient and safest modes of transportation, passenger rail is a key priority for U.S. infrastructure development. After all, Siemens wants to play a major role in this lucrative market and can already look back on first successes, for example the recent fanfare surrounding the new, advanced technology electric locomotives built in Sacramento for America’s premier passenger rail operator, Amtrak. Just a few weeks ago U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx welcomed the first of 70 Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) electric locomotives into passenger revenue service.

The Siemens diesel-electric passenger rail locomotives ordered will greatly help improve transportation on non-electrified railroads throughout the Midwest and the west coast. The contract includes 32 vehicles plus spare parts supply. In addition, there are options for an additional 75 locomotives for use in regional transportation and another 150 locomotives for mainline transportation.

The Charger locomotive reaches a tractive effort on starting of 290 kN with a weight of around 120 tons. The Cummins QSK95 diesel engine is 4,400 hp-rated. These U.S. locomotives are based technically on the Siemens Eurosprinter, Eurorunner and Vectron locomotive platforms which have been proven through several billion kilometers in both freight and passenger service. The components are procured and manufactured exclusively in the United States.

The Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector (Munich, Germany), with approximately 90,000 employees, focuses on sustainable and intelligent infrastructure technologies. Its offering includes products, systems and solutions for intelligent traffic management, rail-bound transportation, smart grids, power distribution, energy efficient buildings, and safety and security. The Sector comprises the divisions Building Technologies, Low and Medium Voltage, Mobility and Logistics, Rail Systems and Smart Grid. For more information visit

The Siemens Rail Systems Division (Berlin, Germany) is an international leader in providing rolling stock and related services. Its portfolio covers the full range of vehicles – from railroad cars to metros and locomotives to trams and light-rail vehicles. The Division combines competence in the areas of local, long-distance, and logistical transport to offer comprehensive expertise for environmentally friendly, efficient, and reliable rail vehicles, which are already in use in more than 40 countries. For more information, visit

This article is a repost, credit: Siemens.