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BYD Receives Record Bus & Taxi Order

May 9, 2014 in BYD, Electric Bus, Electric Vehicles, EV News

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R. China: BYD Company Ltd. has received a record-setting order for their new energy vehicles. Situated in east China along the Qiantang River lies Hangzhou, a place commonly referred to as China’s most beautiful cities. In response to China’s deteriorating air quality and ecological environment, Hangzhou’s Leadership has taken a serious stance on combatting the issues by adopting zero-emissions public transportation, namely electric buses and taxis.

Pictured Above: The pure-electric BYD e6 Taxi and k9 Transit Bus Courtesy of BYD

Pictured Above: The pure-electric BYD e6 Taxi and k9 Transit Bus
Courtesy of BYD

The order for 2,000 long-range, battery-electric transit buses and 1,000 long-range, pure-electric cars was signed this week by the Mayor of Hangzhou, Hongming Zhang and is one of the world’s largest all-electric fleets ever ordered. “Hangzhou is a beautiful place with a rich history and culture, as well as a great environment for investment. BYD is excited to bring our world-leading electric transportation technologies to Hangzhou and witness the vision and dreams of this leadership team come to pass,” said BYD Ltd founder and Chairman, Wang Chuanfu. The order is a remarkable achievement for BYD, cementing their place as the world’s preeminent electric-fleet provider. “There is simply no other company that manufactures and delivers fleets of electric cars and electric busesby the thousands! The R&D expertise, manufacturing scale and component spend leverage BYD is gaining from building and delivering these fleets has put us years ahead of any possible competitor,” said BYD America Vice President Micheal Austin who just delivered BYD’s first American-made long-range, electric buses last week to California’s Governor Jerry Brown.

Pictured Above: Mayor Hongming Zhang and BYD’s Wang Chuanfu Courtesy of BYD

Pictured Above: Mayor Hongming Zhang and BYD’s Wang Chuanfu
Courtesy of BYD

Hangzhou is home to Alibaba, another high-tech Chinese company known for game-changing innovations. “Today the electric vehicle market is growing and EV technologies have matured to the point where every city transit should be adopting them. The turning point of new energy is now, and we want to see BYD grow the same way we saw Jack Ma’s Alibaba grow years ago,” said Secretary Gong Zheng of Hangzhou’s Municipal Committee. BYD will be making special arrangements to deliver the first 1,000 buses and 500 eTaxis by the end of 2014.

About BYD

BYD Company Ltd. is one of China’s largest companies and has successfully expanded globally. Specializing in battery technologies, their green mission to “solve the whole problem” has made them industry pioneers and leaders in several High-tech sectors including High-efficiency Automobiles, Electrified Public Transportation, Environmentally-Friendly Energy Storage, Affordable Solar Power and Information Technology and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, their mission to create safer and more environmentally friendly battery technologies has led to the development of the BYD Iron Phosphate (or “Fe”) Battery. This fire-safe, completely recyclable and incredibly long-cycle technology has become the core of their clean energy platform that has expanded into automobiles, buses, trucks, utility vehicles and energy storage facilities. BYD and all of their shareholders, including the great American Investor Warren Buffett, see these environmentally and economically forward products as the way of the future.

BYD has made a strong entrance to the North, Central and South American markets with their battery electric buses, and lineup of automobiles. Their mission lies not just in sales growth, but also in sociological integration and local job creation as they have poured incredible investments into developing offices, dealerships and manufacturing facilities in the local communities they now call home, truly a first for Chinese companies. For more information, please visit

This article is a repost, credit: BYD.

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Daimler-BYD Joint Venture’s New All-Electric Vehicle DENZA unveiled at Auto China

April 21, 2014 in BYD, China, Daimler, Electric Vehicles, EV News

  • DENZA production model world premiere at Auto China in Beijing.
  • DENZA combines Daimler’s renowned tradition and engineering expertise as a worldwide leader in safety technology and quality excellence with BYD’s leading battery technology.
  • Hubertus Troska: “We deliver the safest, most reliable, and most convenient electric vehicle to our Chinese customers designed, engineered, and produced for China, in China.”
  • Thomas Weber: “The first complete vehicle that Daimler has developed together with BYD outside of Germany and undoubtedly one key pillar of our electric vehicle strategy for China.”
  • Market launch in September 2014, starting at RMB 369,000 and entitled to central and local subsidies totalling in a price reduction for the customer of up to almost RMB 120,000.

Daimler-BYD Joint Venture’s New All-Electric Vehicle DENZA unveiled at Auto China; from right: Prof. Thomas Weber, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Research and Development, Wang Chuanfu, Chairman of BYD Co., Ltd., Hubertus Troska, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG with responsibility for China, Lian Yubo, CEO of Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd., Arno Röhringer, COO of Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd., Stella Li, Senior [...] Photo courtesy of Daimler

Daimler-BYD Joint Venture’s New All-Electric Vehicle DENZA unveiled at Auto China; from right: Prof. Thomas Weber, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Research and Development, Wang Chuanfu, Chairman of BYD Co., Ltd., Hubertus Troska, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG with responsibility for China, Lian Yubo, CEO of Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd., Arno Röhringer, COO of Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd., Stella Li, Senior […]
Photo courtesy of Daimler

Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd. (BDNT) officially unveiled its DENZA all-electric vehicle at Auto China 2014, in Beijing. The world premiere of the serial production model is the culmination of cooperative efforts at the 50:50 R&D technology joint venture established by Daimler and BYD back in 2010 the first Sino-German joint venture dedicated to an all-electric vehicle in China. Combining Daimler’s renowned tradition and engineering expertise as a worldwide leader in safety technology and quality excellence with BYD’s leading battery technology, DENZA is styled as an honest and modern urban vehicle concept that fits both private and fleet customers.

“Daimler is constantly moving forward with emission-free mobility; and with our DENZA we are also on the right track in China, which is destined to become the world’s most important market for electric vehicles,” said Hubertus Troska, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG with responsibility for China, and Chairman and CEO of Daimler Greater China. “With DENZA we deliver the safest, most reliable, and most convenient electric vehicle to our Chinese customers designed, engineered, and produced in China, for China, once again proving our full commitment to the country.”

Safety At the highest level, by an intelligent package concept

DENZA has been designed around its lithium iron phosphate battery which is framed by a lightweight aluminium case with extrusion profiles. Designed to absorb large amounts of energy, it is located at the safest place in the car – underneath the body. The layout also ensures that all powertrain components are separated from the passenger compartment. Additionally, DENZA’s intelligent Power Flow Management System constantly monitors the energy flow between the battery and powertrain to guarantee that, in the event of an accident, the battery is disconnected automatically and, if needed, quickly discharges to levels below critical values.

As a forerunner in electric vehicle safety, BDNT worked closely with China’s official safety certification body, CATARTC, to jointly develop an electric vehicle safety standard for China. By also considering real life accident data, DENZA has gone even further than these legal requirements to ensure that its customers enjoy the highest level of safety.

“DENZA is the first complete vehicle that Daimler has developed together with BYD outside of Germany and it is undoubtedly one key pillar of Daimler’s electric vehicle strategy in China”, noted Prof. Thomas Weber, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Research and Development. “No compromises have been made to design and develop, in China, an all-electric car that raises the bar in its segment. We assure our Chinese customers the highest standards of safety, paired with maximum convenience, outstanding reliability and unique driving fun as part of a superior overall concept.”

Reliability By an intensive testing program and high production standards

The DENZA has been put through 18 months of intensive testing that saw various cars drive over 1.2 million kilometres across all of China under extreme and various weather and road conditions be it hot, cold, dusty or icy. This testing program, which looked at overall quality and endurance, was complemented by additional component testing and crash test programs. In total, BDNT crashed more than 20 cars, including high-speed, low-speed and rollover-scenarios. DENZA also became the first electric vehicle to be tested according to C-NCAP consumer ratings at C-NCAP facilities, obtaining the highest possible rating of 5 stars.

It goes without saying that the quality of the production is secured at a modern, independent production line in Shenzhen, following Daimler’s proven production philosophy and quality control methods.

Convenience By a benchmark driving range and more

With a driving range of up to 300 kilometres, the DENZA offers the ease and convenience of emission free mobility for day-to-day use in urban areas, and beyond. Charging the battery is highly flexible, as it can be done at any household power outlet, public charging facilities or special wall boxes. The latter of which can be installed at homes or in offices at the request of DENZA customers, guaranteeing fast charging, ranging from seven hours to less than an hour. With the DENZA app, available for both Android and iOS phones, wall box customers can even remotely check on their charging status and vehicle location using their smartphones and, if needed, get connected right away to a dealership or customer service centre.

DENZA clearly aims to change mobility, but not the mobility behaviours of its customers. That is why, thanks to its luxury class level wheelbase, it can comfortably accommodate up to 5 passengers, with ample legroom and an inviting 460 litre trunk volume. The roominess of the interior is complemented by a clean, functional design and high craftsmanship.

Power By a strong electric drive train and battery

DENZA’s package is convincing, and so is its heart, the electric powertrain and battery technology. The vehicle is powered by an 86 kW (peak) all-electric engine that provides a maximum speed of up to 150 km/h and impressive peak torque, at 290 Nm. Together with its big 47.5 kWh battery capacity, and a convenient suspension, customers can rest assured that they can enjoy both maximum driving fun and comfort with a range of up to 300 km. In light of the fact that the average daily driving distance in China is 50 to 80 kilometres a day, the typical customer will only have to recharge DENZA twice a week. This bi-weekly pit stop will be met with joy as driving 100 km with a DENZA cost less than 20 RMB (2,35 EUR). All this classifies the DENZA as the perfect vehicle for day-to-day use in urban areas, and beyond.

Wang Chuanfu, Chairman of BYD Company Limited, stated: “With our DENZA, I see my vision come true as we make big steps towards sustainable development in and for China. Backed by a supportive government and the win-win alliance between BYD and Daimler, and its Chinese heart, DENZA offers a convincing package to our Chinese customers, pointing the way and contributing strongly to the development of the electric vehicle market in China.”

Top Customer Experience outstanding Sales and Service

DENZA teamed up with strong partners to offer the best sales and service experience to customers. Dedicated sales and service outlets from three of China’s leading automobile dealership groups will distribute the vehicle, initially in Beijing (Pangda Group), Shanghai (Lei Shing Hong Group), and Shenzhen (Zhongsheng Group). Phase 2 market cities will include Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Tianjin.

DENZA’s customer commitment is further supported by 11 service centers, a 24-hours all-year customer service hotline, and a strategic partnership with global leading technology group ABB, with whom DENZA aims to establish the world’s largest charging infrastructure in China by 2020. ABB will provide a variety of flexible fast charging solutions for DENZA customers, per request and as a one-stop-solution as it is fully integrated in DENZA’s sales and aftersales process.

Ready to Market Starting September 2014

BDNT’s first DENZA car will hit the market in September 2014. Starting at RMB 369,000 (about EUR 43,400], DENZA offers its customers two more convincing arguments: exemption from standard license plate lottery in Beijing, or even free license plates in Shanghai and Shenzhen; and central and local subsidies totalling up to almost RMB 120,000 (about EUR 14,100) that can be deducted from the vehicle price right away.

The DENZA will be available in two distinctive, well equipped lines: the “Lifestyle” version comes amongst others with nicely designed 18″ light alloy wheels, genuine leather seats and an 8″ multimedia touchscreen. The “Executive” version features on top also a powerful Harman-Kardon-Soundsystem, innovative Xenon Lights with an adaptive front lighting system, and an easy-to-use onboard Navigation system. Additionally, various exterior and interior color and trim combinations that provide customers a high level of individualization and, together with the modern and welcoming interior design and high craftsmanship, a feeling like home.

This article is a repost, credit: Daimler.

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BYD 3.5T Electric Forklift Rolls off Assembly Line Broaden the Scope of Large-Tonnage Electric Forklift Industry

August 6, 2013 in BYD, Electric Utility Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, EV News

Photo courtesy of BYD

Photo courtesy of BYD

On August 2, BYD Shaoguan Industrial Park held a grand opening event, displaying its assembly line of the world’s first iron battery-powered BYD new energy 3.5T electric forklift. The event featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Shaoguan Municipal Party Secretary Zheng Zhentao, Mayor Yi Xuefeng, BYD president Wang Chuanfu, senior vice president Wang Nianqiang and various representatives from government and professional media were present at the event. Wang pointed out that the new energy forklift truck industry will be the future of forklift development. He stressed that the BYD forklift will not only be an innovation as a technology and as a product but will also pave the way for an innovative market.

The New Energy forklift truck will lead the future development of the forklift industry.

Currently, the petrochemical resources that humans depend on are depleting. As well, its extensive use towards urban development causes mass pollution in densely-populated cities. An example was when Beijing and Tianjin experienced severe smog earlier this spring. These problems indicate that environmental protection is unable to be delayed any longer. As the environmental factors become more severe, people’s awareness of protecting the environment becomes more and more prevalent. A product, especially a forklift, which advocates low-carbon and the saving of energy, is attractive to clients. BYD’s iron battery-powered forklift is the world’s first of its kind, producing zero emissions. It has a long life, a high change/discharge rate and is virtually maintenance-free. Compared to the conventional internal combustion forklifts and lead acid battery forklift, the BYD iron battery production process releases no heavy metal pollution or emissions. The charging process does not product acid fog. After the one life cycle, the battery can be recovered for energy storage, making it a true green product that effectively overcomes the manufacturing of lead-acid batteries. BYD’s iron battery is perfect for usage in pharmaceuticals, cold chain, food, and settings such as airports where eco-friendly approaches are necessary.

BYD 3.5T electric forklift broaden the scope of electric forklift industry.

It is reported that the 3.5T forklift truck accounted for approximately a full share of more than 50% in domestic market, while internal combustion forklifts had a full share of close to 80% in 3.5T category. Traditional lead-acid batteries are mainly manufactured for smaller 2.0T forklifts since lead-acid batteries cannot be used for heavy-duty, high-efficiency products. The 3.5T electric forklift market holds a “there is a demand but no product” dilemma. Having quickly achieved the global market with its own technology and industrial advantages, BYD utilizes vertical integration on the basis of integrated innovation. BYD successfully developed its “iron battery” technology applicable to the large-tonnage electric forklift field, being the first to break the large-tonnage electric forklift development bottle neck. The launch of the BYD 3.5T electric forklift greatly broadened the scope of the application of electric forklifts and will provide the logistics of the large-tonnage electric forklift industry with effective solutions.

About BYD

BYD Co., Ltd is a leading-edge provider of green energy technologies that specializes in the IT, automotive, and new energy industries. Being the world’s biggest rechargeable battery manufacturer, BYD also has the largest global market share for cell-phone chargers and keypads. BYD branched out into the auto business in 2003, and has kept a robust yearly growth rate successively. In 2008, Warren Buffett invested $232 million to take a 9.89% stake in BYD. Today, BYD is the fastest-growing Chinese auto company and a global pioneer in the field of new energy vehicles including Dual Mode Electric Models and Pure Electric Models.

Based on its core Fe Battery technology, BYD has worked out a Green City Solution, which aims to electrify urban public transportation systems by transitioning from gasoline and diesel buses and taxis to pure electric ones. In March 2012, BYD and Daimler AG officially announced the entirely new EV brand Denza in China.

In addition, BYD has also focused on the Research & Development and manufacturing of a wide range of new energy products, including energy storage system, solar energy products and LED lighting . For more information, please visit,,, or [email protected].

This article is a repost, credit: BYD,

Are EVs at a tipping point? Tesla is driving the EV revolution further afield.

July 28, 2013 in Electric Vehicles, EV News, Model S, Supercharger, Tesla

Tesla store Brussels Photo courtesy of Tesla

Tesla store Brussels
Photo courtesy of Tesla

Tesla is executing on plan, which is galvanizing interest in EVs.  Model S production has recently been reported at about 500 units a week, and the company has been diligently reporting its Supercharger network expansion.  More technological improvements in the Model S (weight reduction) and Supercharger (120 kW deployment) are expected soon.

The EV revolution is driving further afield, throughout the US and around the world.  Expansion in Europe and Asia is just getting started.  Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted yesterday: “One of the first Tesla Supercharger stations in Europe is being built in Cinderella, Norway.”

Tipping away from oil

  • Tesla recently tweeted that Model S drivers will be able to drive from Boston to Miami for free by the end of the fall 
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk plans to drive across the country via Supercharger by the end of the year with his kids from Los Angeles to New York 

The US Energy Information Administration recently released its report, International Energy Outlook 2013 (highlights):  The report has high expectations for future world oil production, which makes the US government look complacent about oil depletion.  The EIA predicts that world oil production will hit 97 million barrels a day in 2020.  Due to oil depletion, especially at old elephant oil fields around the world, it is very unlikely that the world will produce 97 million barrels a day.  The price of a barrel of oil tells us that the oil industry is struggling to meet world oil demand today.

The Tesla vision is coming into focus.  What’s an auto industry CEO to do?

Tesla and BYD are ahead of the curve when it comes to electric vehicles.  Both CEOs, Elon Musk and Wang Chuanfu, are brilliant young technologists that want to accelerate the new electric era due to oil scarcity and climate change.  The auto industry is at the beginning of a dramatic change, technologically.  This is not a time for administrative CEOs.  Mr. Musk has a clean auto package (Model S and Tesla station) that resonates with consumers around the world.  He is the right man to lead at the right time.

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Wang Chuanfu

June 27, 2013 in EV Star of the Week

Image courtesy of BYD

Image courtesy of BYD

BYD Chairman and CEO Wang Chuanfu is the star of the week.  BYD (Build Your Dreams) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Aruba to provide a sustainable solution for the small island nation.  This exciting agreement is hopefully the start of a trend around the world.  Mr. Wang has set a course for others to follow.

With climate change the center of international news this week, the vision of Mr. Wang to address climate change and oil dependency should be highlighted.  He has put together a sustainable package that includes electric vehicles, clean energy (solar and wind) and battery storage.  BYD has the intention of making Aruba the first zero-carbon and energy independent nation in the world.

Photo courtesy of BYD

Aruba MOU, photo courtesy of BYD

In a BYD news release (6-13-13), the company stated the four major objectives to reach Aruba’s goal:

Electrifying all public transportation with zero-emissions vehicles

Substantially increasing renewable energy generation (both solar and wind)

Making those resources dispatchable upon demand with distributed, environmentally-friendly, energy storage

A nation-wide plan for public re-education and sustainability programs in all schools

Through each of these, Aruba plans to use BYD green-technologies to pursue its goal of becoming an emissions-free Nation by the year 2020.

Mr. Wang will undoubtedly play a leading role in China’s environmental/energy turnaround.  He is fully aware of the problems his nation faces in regards to pollution and oil dependency.  BYD has already made great progress with electric taxis and buses in its home city of Shenzhen.